Updated: 12-01-2017
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More Holly Berry Socks [Started 24th December]

My final project of last year..... soon to be complete - one sock done....
I bought 2 balls of WYS Signature 4 Ply [ 75% Wool / 25% Nylon: 100g=400m] in this limited edition Christmas colour and the pattern barely used half a ball, so I am using one ball to make George some socks - he said he like the colour but now he thinks it's "a bit too bright".
[It isn't....].

Hap Blanket [Started 23rd November: :Completed 12th January]

While digging out the Ishbel pattern I found another Ysolda offering from the same era which I would like to make. I am again using up some acrylic but in truth it will not be "lovely" (allthough it will be very "practical"!). I'm using DK and trying with double the number of stitches but I may start again and double the yarn to get the bulky effect. However the original is squishy and luxurious - an effect I do not think I can quite achieve with my synthetic yarn. [Now complete and has adapted rather well - soft and squishy as described]

Striped cardigan for a little person [Started 24th August]

Cardigan based on a shape from the Rowan book "Winter Kids". I wanted to use some of the bright colous I acquired in Stylecraft (and other) acrylic yarns. I tried out a "synchopated" pattern of stripes - the principle for which I learned in my weaving course - and after a couple of trial runs I quite like the result - a bit reminiscent of a liquorice allsort.

Aran Chair Cover [Started 23rd May 2015]

I am knitting this Erika Knight classic in Robin Chunky [100% acrylic; 100g=153yds/140m].- pistachio, 079. You need a lot of yarn and I could not contemplate spending a great deal on a whim. I am expecting it to turn out perfectly practical and soft - and it's a lovely colour to go with my work room colour scheme.

Acrylic Blankets - pastel [Started 15th May 2015]

I have finally begun my striped Kaffe blankets project. I am working on the knitting machine and I have to say it has not begun well. I have already had to change the method in the same way as I did for the hand knitting - that is starting each diamond in the middle and decreasing to a point, as this is the only way I can get a neat edge. It is easier to effect this on the machine though, so I am steaming - very slowly - ahead... I plan to make all 4 colour schemes and think they will end up as charity blankets - but it's just something I want to do.

Snowflake cardigan [Started 29th December 2011]

This is another of the Fair-Isle designs from Debbie Bliss Magazine 7. I am using Amy Butler Organic Aran in colour Slate [50% cotton, 50% wool; 50g:90m/98yds] as it was on sale - and also as my intended victim is Rob who is slightly allergic to wool and I think the wool cotton blend might suit. I think both Rob and George were slightly dubious about the Sherpa hats - so maybe Rob needs a fashionable Fair Isle cardi as well as George.

Bella Blouse [Started 9th June 2011]

This is the Bella Blouse by Norah Gaughan from the Knitting Daily Pattern Library. I am using a few balls of Rowan Damask - a yarn I love but now discontinued - for the contrast and I found an ecru cotton blend (Patons Washed Haze) which tones with it quite well for the main shade. As my supply of Damask is limited I am omitting the contrast band at the bottom of the sweater.

Two [Started 22nd August 2010]

This is Two - not another cardigan! But it is, like Puzzle, from Queen of Hearts - in fact, the cover design. The yarn is Patons Misty [25g; 150m], 70% mohair, 30% polyamide. It knits to a double knitting tension of about 22sts to 4 inches, but I am knitting it much looser on 6mm needles. I chose this yarn also at Ally Pally in 2009; being a dress I thought it would take for ever but it seems to be knitting up very quickly so I have exery expectation of finishing it soon...