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Sunday June 25, 2006

The people we used to be.

I have just come back from a party.
I took great care in dressing and preparing for this party. I wore a skirt, strappy sandals, painted my toenails, and shaved my legs. All of these pretty normal and tasteful things to do if you want to dress up and look nice. In my case though, I was not dressing to impress my host and fellow guests as such - it was more a ritual tribute in memory of the people we used to be. The strappy sandals were for Lesh - it was his 50th birthday (last Thursday in fact), and these were the things he talked incessantly about when he was 20. I stopped short of binding my breasts and dying my hair red though - but I did give him a framed photo of Bonnie Langford (the Perfect Woman); however, now he has Val, maybe he has forgotten about Bonnie.
Earlier on this year, Lesh and I met up again for the first time in about 25 years. It's always a doubtful experience to renew old acquaintance but really it was ... just great. I suppose we were firm friends for a few years in our 20's - constantly in one anothers company, and I had just forgotten how much I must have liked him for that to have been the case.


The leg shaving, now - that was for Chris - we'll leave it at that - I have not seen Chris for at least 25 years. He and Lesh were great buddies as undergraduates, but by the time I got to know Lesh better, Chris was out in the wide world of work, and my contact with him was an occasional drink at the Duke of Wellington. I expect he has forgotten about the legs (or maybe it is his overriding memory of me - who knows?) but it made me laugh at the time.


Here are the strappy sandals -so flattering that Alison and I bought a pair each (not from Hobbs - that's all I'm saying). Very comfortable and secure on your feet. Spent ages this evening glueing all the chain decoration back into place before I could wear them.

Note the elegant skirt, pedicure, and silk smooth leg.

Posted by Christina at 12:04 AM. Category: Oddments and stray thoughts


Very nice feet :-)

ps im glad this is actual content and not bloglines picking up your design changes.

Posted by: Alison on June 25, 2006 10:02 PM